Quantum U

 Quantum U is a sci-fi adventure comedy that inherits the spirit of Dr. Who, the absurdism of Atlanta, and the tradition of A Different World —  a light-hearted but profound look at a group of best friends uncovering what it means now to be young, gifted, and historically Black.


A college professor’s prized students use his invention to explore the mysteries of the multiverse, time-travel, and the greatest mystery of all — nailing the HBCU experience. Each episode Lexi, an overachieving physics student with an overstuffed social life, is facing some intense life crisis –  a thesis paper due for her sorority big sister,  a student demonstration threatening her research, or a cheap liquor-fueled game of ‘never have I ever’ gone bad. And though her Professor Doc Legend cautions Lexi to use the Q device for scientific purposes only, she can’t always manage to resist the temptation to bend the rules.  But if she and her friends disrupt the multiverse, they could very well end up changing history or even erasing existence as we know it.  But Lexi is a baddie with genius level smarts and her philosophy is: she’ll get by with a little help from her friends. And she almost always needs an assist from her besties, because in addition to repairing a quantum energy rift by somehow freezing time, she’s going to also need to slay the runway at the Homecoming Fashion show,  HBCU-style.


TV Series


Adults, Teens