Lion Forge partners on new animated series

Following its Oscar win, the animation studio is teaming up with Studio Moggozi to develop and produce Bugstron for six to 11s.

By Ryan Tuchow February 13, 2020 (Kidscreen magazine)

St. Louis-based studio Lion Forge Animation is partnering with South Korean prodco Studio Moggozi to co-develop and produce the animated series Bugstron. Studio Moggozi first announced the 26 x 22-minute series in 2017, and the 3D/CGI-animated series is set to be completed this year.

Aimed at kids six to 11, the action fantasy series is about tribes of insect-like humanoids called Bugstron who work together to preserve peace, until a nefarious tribe called the Scorpions threatens to destroy everything. In order to help save the world, a boy from Earth is transformed into a beetle to help fight the Scorpions.

This isn’t the first time the Lion Forge has teamed up with a Korean studio. Last year the burgeoning studio committed to investing 30% of the total budget for Between Happyup’s new preschool series Happy Babies, Comi & Bebe (52 x five and a half minutes)Lion Forge will also manage marketing and distribution for Comi & Bebe in all territories except Asia, where KOCCA and Seoul Business Agency retain the rights.

Launched just last May, Lion Forge Animation has been rapidly growing its global presence as it expands from a comic book publisher into a prodco, and has already seen success with Hair Love. The animated short, and the prodco’s first project, snagged the Oscar for Best Animated Short on Sunday. Heading into the future the prodco plans to develop 10 educational kids series, adult-skewing comedy projects and a feature film, Lion Forge president Carl Reed previously told Kidscreen.